I’m glad you’re ready to make an investment into your most precious resource: you.

I am an intuitive and strategic guide serving you in the capacity of a certified, experienced life coach. Intuitively speaking, I take you deep inside as we uncover and clean out all the BS [belief system] holding you back from stepping into your power and living life on your terms.

Strategically, I help you get vividly clear about where you want to take your life or business and exactly how to get there while navigating through frustrations, anxiety, self-doubt, confusion, sleepless nights, money worries, dramatic distractions, and other painful obstacles that can rob you of living a fulfilling life and achieving your dream. Trust me…I have been there and I know.

I am the coach you bring in your corner when you are going through life, career or entrepreneurial transition, feeling dissatisfied, re-evaluating life choices, or simply looking for personal and professional breakthroughs.

When we work together, you will start doing more in your life than you could all on your own. You will become more aware of your options, choices, and start taking your life and dreams more seriously. You will be creating results in your life with momentum and consistency. You will eliminate energy drainers and time wasters as you take more effective and focused actions.

And your life and work will become more harmonious, balanced and fulfilled. Are you ready to step into your power and start living life on your terms?

If you’re sick and tired of your past holding your life hostage and you’re looking to break free, I am your guy.

Call me for a Free 1-on-1 Consultation and let’s explore how I can help you step into your power!

(512) 662-1362 or email me from the contact page

Deep inside every one of us, carrying all our hopes and dreams, our passion and power, is a burner. My mission is to help people spark a flame and kindle the fire within them! 

                                                                                                                       Roland B. Kemokai

Monthly Platinum Package $500.00 USD (monthly)

6-Month VIP Package $3, 000.00 USD

12-Month Diamond Package $5, 800.00 USD


Single Coaching Session $300.00 USD


See my Coaching Program page for info on the coaching  modules that will serve as our customizable framework.

We’ll meet 1-on-1, 2X/Month on the Phone, WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime,
or In-Person (for Locals).
Email and Phone Supports are available between Sessions.
I will supply additional Resources for continuous Mindset Transformation.

Email me from the contact page if you have any question.



Pam Buttner

Pam Buttner

Entrepreneur & Yoga Instructor

“Very distinct words come to mind when I think of working with Roland – PROFOUND, GURU, and FRIEND. He has been all of these and so much more through this epic journey. One of my best friends started seeing Roland and she would tell me about her insightful sessions with him, I was floored and said "I need to have a Roland in my life!" Living in Cape Town, South Africa, I figured I needed to have someone local but hadn't really clicked with anyone here. I wasn't entirely sure the sessions would translate well over Skype but I figured that it was worth a try! I haven't looked back, only forward and at warp speed. When I made that decision to include Roland in my life, I was making a commitment to myself that I was ready for some big changes. Monumental shifts, actually. It's been nothing short of amazing. Thank you Roland!”

Janice Hughes

Janice Hughes

American Actor & Entrepreneur

"Before Coaching with Roland, I was unclear in my life, depressed about my relationship, and contemplating taking depression medication. Once I began working with Roland, things became so clear in my life. I am so happy! I am accomplishing things in my life that I’ve only dreamed of for years, and now I’m living my dream! Roland’s natural energy, smile, and funny personality always get me excited, and ready for our sessions!"

Angie Smith

Angie Smith

Certified Life Coach & Chef

"Roland truly loves humanity. Interacting with him is to experience genuine, unconditional love. I sometimes find it difficult to believe that such an affable spirit could become of a person with a strenuously heart-breaking past as his. But, Roland leads by the example that each of us is born with an irrefutably beautiful essence that is meant to be shared and celebrated. The most meaningful lesson I've learned from our sessions together is how to practice gentle kindness and acceptance with myself. This was counterintuitive to my upbringing, and I'm sure many of us can relate. Roland is a wonderful teacher and guide! If you believe you've been giving your best, but cannot kick the feeling that there must be something more, then the solution and great comfort is to take the journey with a dedicated mentor such as Roland Kemokai. I'm grateful that I encountered Roland at the timing that I did. My approach to life is much more meaningful and present than I've ever known. Thank you Roland, rock on!"

Maria Kamara

Maria Kamara

Singer & Audio Engineer

"I connected with Roland’s spirit when I read his book and then realized I have met a force of nature! His style of coaching is a dose of tough love, encouragement, and healing. Before meeting Roland I felt haunted by my dreams and ambitions because I believed they were not attainable, but with the right tools he helped me clear out the clutter. Today, I’m very aware of my life choices and clear about decisions to make for continuous success."

Brooke Binstock

Brooke Binstock

Wellness Coach, Massage Therapist & Entrepreneur

“Roland is like an angel sitting on my shoulder - the kind of angel that will kick your butt lovingly into your next level of growth. A friend I really admire who is pursuing her passion as a vegetarian chef introduced me to this Magic.  She told me about Roland, what an amazing person he is, and that he really helped her at a time when she was struggling to step into herself.  I was going through a lot of confusion at the time. Working for a resort as a massage therapist and thinking, there is something inside me that is begging to be born. But I was experiencing a lot of fear.  Was I ready?  Did I have enough skill, training, experience, maturity?  When I first met Roland, I was taken aback by his ability to be present...to sit with me and all my self-judgement, feelings of being stuck, shame, confusion and let me know both verbally and non-verbally that he saw me...that he understood me...that if I decided to work with him, my whole life would change.  I committed to 6 months with Roland on March 24, 2016 after a profound moment during a yoga class where I just felt ready.   Roland is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.  He has supported me through every possible ounce of doubt and has encouraged me to step into my self. He is a big thinker, a lover of all humanity, as non-judgmental as they come.  He is wise beyond belief, highly intuitive, and has a well of experience that makes me trust him with my whole heart.  Work with Roland.  It is the best thing you could do for yourself if you desire to be more awake, more yourself, and filled with more love.  Now, nearly 6 months later, I have birthed my business, Open Circle Healing, and I could not be happier that I am giving myself a chance to step into bigger shoes.  Thank you Roland Kemokai!  You are in my heart always.”


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