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Welcome to G.E.I. – Liberia

Operating in Liberia, West Africa, Global Empowerment Institute – Liberia (G.E.I. – Liberia) is an African Youth Entrepreneurial Development and Professional Empowerment Initiative. We are driven by the passion, purpose, vision, and expertise to provide Personal Development And Professional Empowerment services and trainings for the talented and determined youths (ages 15-35) of Liberia.


Meet Our Industrious Team

Roland B. Kemokai
CEO & Master Trainer


Jeremiah T. Burgess
National Director


Lucia Dohr
Media & Public Relations Director


Kesselly B. Kpadeh
Projects & Logistics Director


Nathaniel V. Deddeh
Chief Financial Officer & Programs Director


Target and Problems We Seek To Address

One-third of Liberia’s population consist primarily of the youth, ranging between ages 15 and 35, and they are considered vulnerably employed. Many of the youth are self-employed or working in informal and unsustainable jobs with little to no benefits.


According to survey reports published by Liberia’s Institute of Statistics & Geo Information Services (LISGIS), “Youth unemployment and underemployment represent a major cost to Liberian society in economic, political and societal terms. One in every three young persons in the labour force is unemployed in the country. Half of young Liberians are working, but the quality of employment is often low, which does not allow the youth (and the country) to make the most of their economic potential. The high share of labour underutilization means a loss of investment in education and training, a reduced potential tax base, higher costs for social assistance and a bottleneck in fuelling the economic transformation of the country. Furthermore, high levels of unemployment and underemployment among young people can be a source of social instability.” 


Thousands of youth who have started small businesses and are working odd jobs to earn a living are the largest part of the 60 percent Liberians living under US $1 a day. The Liberian civil wars helped worsened many pre-existting societal issues, including the high rate of youth unemployment. During the country’s civil wars thousands of skilled workers were killed, while others took exile and permanent homes abroad. The loss of educators, engineers, electricians, doctors, pharmacists, agriculturalists, geologists, entrepreneurs, and other professionals resulted in losing a population that was instrumental in providing trainings through vocational institutions and other skill building programs.


GEI – Liberia, through Personal Development and Professional Empowerment, therefore focuses on providing creative life skills and entrepreneurship trainings to the youth of Liberia.

Objectives And Outcomes

Liberian youth can become the driving force for economic prosperity and must be afforded the skills and education to become the driving forces for economic prosperity in years to come. Youth participation in Liberia’s economy is not optional.


Our personal development and professional empowerment trainings and services will target vulnerable, entrepreneurial-spirited, and creatively talented Liberian youth, and other active adults serving the youth and the country at large.
GEI – Liberia also focuses on working with individuals and organizations influencing the youths and currently engaged in providing other empowerment services for youths; including high schools, colleges, religious leaders, NGOs, CBOs, and local government officials.

    Project Outcomes Include:
  • Providing the youth intuitive and strategic entrepreneurial and small business development skills
  • Training and Coordinating a Network of entrepreneurial Trainers and Life Coaches as ongoing support system
  • Presenting continuous inspirational empowerment seminars to help the youth develop emotional and social intelligence
  • Helping the youth transcend trauma through the strategic and psychological processes of forgiveness, limiting-mindset transformation, and the science of personal development and achievement
  • Providing the youth structural framework for monetizing their passion or talents while creating inspiring life visions for themselves     

Summary of Activities

  • G.E.I. – Liberia in collaboration with other musical artists in Liberia, West Africa and the USA will be providing live musical concerts as creative inspiration for the youth
  • G.E.I. – Liberia in collaboration with other organizations will provide annual year-end or Christmas parties for the youth
  • G.E.I. – Liberia in collaboration with other youth organizations such as the Liberia YMCA will organize youth soccer matches as inspiration and entertainment
  • G.E.I. – Liberia in collaboration with local cultural groups will organize and implement culturally educational and entertaining events for the youth


Please stay tuned for our upcoming 2017/2018 calendar of events in Liberia! 


As we develop, grow and expand, we continue to remain open to anyone who would like to partner with us in helping to empower Liberia’s youth. If that’s you, then please get in touch with us.


For more info or any inquiry, please contact us:


Joe’s Town
Johnsonville, Monrovia – Liberia

P.O. Box 1164
1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia

Liberia: 0770024082 | 0886750278
USA: (888) 705-5292 



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