The A-B-C of Ultimate Fulfillment

Have you ever felt like you are treading water in your life, relationships, career or business? I mean are you working your tail off, trying everything else out there from some expert or guru but still getting nowhere only to be left with the sinking feelings of frustration, overwhelm, depression, lack of drive or just out-of-options? Well, it happened to me too and please don’t beg me to tell you about it now, you might laugh too hard. Good news is I learned the 3-step formula that has helped many world-class achievers, and it changed my life, relationship, and career forever. Let’s call it “The A-B-C of Ultimate Fulfillment.”

It is so simple that you might kick yourself because you already intuitively know it, but you’re just not applying it YET. With this 3-step formula, a hungry attitude, and an opened mind you can immediately start enjoying delightful, happy, fulfilling results in your Life, Relationships (personal & professional), Career or Business. Remember I said it’s really simple? Believe me, it is. But before I tell you about it I’ve got one question for you, and please answer to yourself honestly. Are you really tired of hurting or suffering in that area of your life or do you still want to stay in it to figure it all out on your own like a tough person? Are you an opened minded person or are you the “I-know-it-all” kind? Are you really hungry for complete happiness and fulfillment in your life or are you just out to get some quick bandage for your pain? Ha, I know that was more than one question, wasn’t it. I just had to be sure. Alright are you ready for this life changing info? Ok, ok, ok, I’ll cut the goofing off and get to the point. Here goes it.

A. Your Guiding Values/Beliefs System

B. Your Burning Needs

C. Your Consistent Emotions/Emotional State

Bring great clarity and quality into those three areas and your life with all you do will be transformed forever for the better. It’s like switching the lights on in a pitch dark room. You see we all are driven by very strong Needs, Values or Beliefs, and some pretty powerful Emotions. The quality of your life, relationships, business or career is in direct proportion to the quality you have in any of those three departments, “The A-B-C of Ultimate Fulfillment.”

So all you need in order to be, do and have ultimate fulfillment in every aspect of your life is, #1., to fully understand where you are right now when it comes to your highest Needs, your habitual Emotions, and your deepest Values; #2., get really clear in your decisions about what you really, really want, what your truest values, priorities or beliefs are and if they’re bringing joy into your life now or not; and then, #3., create a strategy to start taking ACTION NOW and don’t stop until you see the sun rise in the dawn of a new day in your life. I promise you, you can do this! You have a giant in you, even if it’s sleeping now, it’s still a giant! Wake-up that monstrous power-house in you, and you will watch all of your self-imposed limitations (part of your belief system) fall away as you drive your life into the sunrise of your happiness. Can you see it? How about it? What are you thinking now? Are you hearing those voices in your head again!? You know. Those that say, “You’re not good enough,” “you’re not smart enough,” “you don’t have time or much education like…them,” “you’re fat and out of shape,” “you’re ugly,” “you’re poor and broke,” or “no one will help you.”

Shhhh, I won’t tell anyone you hear voices if you promise not to tell anyone I hear them too. Or you might be asking, “Roland how can I really know what I want, what are my beliefs or real values, and how can I fully understand my emotions?” I say you have already started doing the right thing here. You are asking questions! Ha, see I told you you’re a genius. Now just remember that the quality of your answers directly depends on the quality of your questions. What do I mean? Well, it goes without saying that if we ask lousy questions we’ll get lousy answers. For example, you could ask, “Why do I always get in a relationship with jerks?” And one of those voices would say, “Because you’re stupid and hard to learn.” Or you could ask a new question like, “What do I really want in a relationship in order for me to be happy and how exactly can I have a happy relationship.” You’re still on the same topic of relationship, but two different questions and very different results. Got it? See, I knew you would get it. Ok stay with me here for some more questions even if they make you feel embarrassed. This is just between you and me anyway, so what the heck.

Ok what do you believe about money? What? I know it’s none of my business, but I’m just curious here. Are your beliefs about money causing money to keep running away from you like the “The Run Away Bride?” How about your body weight, personal image or self-esteem? Yes, I did open that Pandora’s Box, didn’t I. Are you still with me here? Yes? Good. I’m glad you’re still here because I’m getting pretty darn scared myself. And I need your help. Let’s keep an open mind here. Ok? Do you consider yourself a thin and physically fit man or woman who is currently packing on a few pounds soon to come off, or do you consider yourself a fat person who is hoping, dieting, or working hard to lose the body weight? Your answer here will reveal how you really look at yourself by way of identity and it will directly affect the results you get. The identity you have come to give yourself is a reflection of your belief system about yourself and the world. The only question is, are you happy with the results of your current beliefs about you and/or the world? If your answer to that last question is NO, I say don’t fret. Help is available and you have all the power and resources to turn it all around. Asking these questions help us to open our eyes to see if our so-called ‘comfort zone’ is really comfortable or NOT. And if you are candid here you will agree that many times it’s tough for us to ask ourselves these questions and truly answer them. At least not until the suffering becomes too unbearable or the bottom falls out. That’s where a skilled ‘success buddy’ comes in handy. You don’t have to wait for the bottom to fall out before you decide to start making changes that will take you towards your dreams, your goals, your success, your purpose, and ultimate fulfillment. I will absolutely, positively like to support you on your life adventure full of exciting new discoveries.

As your success partner or coach, I will facilitate you bringing clarity into your personal values, needs and habitual emotional state; I will help you create strategies that are true to who you are and that you are really excited about; I will help you put in place a MAP (Massive Action Plan) that’s easy to implement and saves you time, money, energy, sleepless nights, and stress while also helping gain momentum, lots of energy, stronger drive and fulfillment from achieving your life, relationship, business or career dreams. You can truly be, do and have all that you really desire! But you must start NOW. Procrastination is a form of cancer to your dreams and happiness. Act NOW. I am making myself with my professional expertise available to you FREE for A FREE STRATEGY SESSION (with no strings attached). Why am I doing this? Thanks for asking and I’m glad to tell you. You see so many people have helped me become who I am today and who I continue to be. I promised myself and all of them I will continue to pay-it-forward. And one of them just threatened to have me locked up if I didn’t do something about paying-it-forward. So here I am. Ha ha ha. You can read more about my story when you visit my website at , Ok the real and deeper reason why I am doing this is because I deeply and passionately care about you even without knowing you on a detailed personal level. But that doesn’t matter, you are my brother or sister, and serving you is my ultimate life purpose and fulfillment.

Your NEXT Step is to get your Free and Confidential Strategy Session by clicking here, fill out the proper info and I will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at or call me directly at 704-299-4818 or 512-622-1362. I look forward to connecting with you soon! And until we do, Unleash Your Power and Live on Fire!!

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